Saturday, July 2, 2016

Alaska Cruise and Tour

In June 2014,  we did a 11 day Denali Park Tour and 7 cruise. I organized this trip for 20 people, consisting of family and friends. We saw so much beautiful scenery on this tour: glaciers, wildlife, waterfalls, the Tongass Natural Forest. We were also surprised at how much we learned about the rich Alaskan history and culture.

Mount McKinley

The train ride through Denali Park was a real treat. The scenery is spectacular, and the staff on the train is extremely energetic and accommodating. The lunch we had on-board was absolutely delicious.
Alaska Railroad
Denali Park is huge. Taking the bus trip 60 miles into the park is somewhat demanding, but it gives you an idea of the immensity of this national treasure. The further you drive north, the forest begins to get thinner, and you really understand how far north you are, moving into the region of tundra.

Denali Park
We traveled with a group of 20 people, consisting of family members and friends. Most of the group did the 11 day Denali Tour and Cruise, while others met the ship at the Whittier port for the cruise portion only.
Barker Family at the Denali Bluff Hotel
Whale watching is spectacular fun. You get very close to these huge majestic animals. It’s amazing how graceful they are as they a surface for air. They don’t seem to mind your presence at all.

Whale Watching in Icy Point, Alaska
Alaska is famous for some of the largest glaciers in the world. These slow moving rivers of ice along with the blue tinted icebergs floating nearby are magnificent.

It is highly recommended that you take a trip to Skagway. While it is not a very large town, it nevertheless gives you a great idea of what it was like in Alaska during the early days of the gold mining in this region. Extremely rustic, and a lot of fun.

Skagway, Alaska
Creek Street is a quaint historic boardwalk along the banks of Ketchikan Creek in Ketchikan, Alaska.  A former Red Light District where both men and salmon swam upstream to spawn.

Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska
Vancouver Canada was a great stop. This city is a real jewel; it is absolutely sparkling in its cleanliness. Very tourist friendly.

Vancouver, Canada

This park is great for Nature lovers. The park has 7 suspended footbridges and treetop adventures, offering views 100 feet above the forest bed. You will be surrounded by towering evergreens and cedars.

Capilano Suspension Bridge near Vancouver, Canada

We would love to have you! So think about joining us for a 11 night Alaskan Cruise and tour. We depart Anchorage June 27, 2016. For additional information feel free to contact Kathy at

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